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Advanced and technical features used on Smart Fabrics used on sport apparel UV ray SPF, Temp Control.

We have all heard about all sorts of features and technologies used in sport apparel gear but some of those seem to be a little bogus or just difficult to understand. So we contacted Sales Manager of Carlos Ruiz to understand and see with our own eyes what those advanced fabrics really do for athletes.  

“It has been a long time since cotton has not been used for pro level athletes in different sports like running or cycling. These days we used the benefits of smart fabrics like polyester, nylon and different blends to our advantage to improve comfort, increase durability and enhance performance and aesthetics” says Carlos Ruiz, sales manager for , sport apparel company which specializes in custom cycling, tri and running apparel. It is true that smart fabrics are more expensive and more difficult to work with than traditional cotton fabrics, but the final result is well worth the extra investment.  We will create a list of the unique features and properties of features uses in the apparel.

UV ray protection: This is one of the most unique features: the SPF 30 factor is achieved by applying a thin layer to the fabric during the manufacturing process. It does not represent an extra weight, color or smell to the fabric, but it does save lives! We have had a lot of customer who have developed skin cancer, but using our long sleeve jerseys, it does not mean they have to give up their bikes. We have developed a test where you can see a sheet of newspaper exposed to the sun light for about 8 hours for 2 days. After that time you can see the side of the paper exposed to the sun completely yellow and tarnished. The side which had the smart fabric (polyester) with our UV ray protection fabric looks like new. This will be the same effect the sun will have on your skin.

Check the following pictures showing on the left the exposed paper to sun after only 2 days and on the right the portion covered with our special SPF30 fabric used in bike jerseys

Example of initial newspaper, on the middle our special polyester fabric with UV ray SPF30 Protection technology and finally the discolored and tarnish newspaper on the outside and whither and fresher newspaper on the inside where the fabric covered it.

For a more detail test check the complete video at

Moisture and temperature control: Not all fabrics behave the same and not all polyesters are made the same. So cotton might be soft t the touch, but its is heavier and gets wet easily plus it takes much longer up to 5 times as long to get dry when compared to advanced polyester fabrics. This also means that polyester jerseys do not absorb as much moisture (water and sweat) as other fabric do, but also they once when during strenuous exercise it gets dry much faster. Also as we mentioned, not all polyester are made the same, so we use an “open” knitted polyester which allows water, moisture and sweat to be transferred thru the fabric much faster so the wet and cold feeling is minimize and also the drying time.

Check the pictures below and see how a “close” knitted polyester used by a top European manufacturer does not absorb the water droplet where an “open” knit fabric absorb the drop much faster and in to a wider area, maximizing the exposure and allowing for a faster drying.

Example of close knitted fabric on the left with no water absorption and open knit fabric used by bikingthings on the right with fast water absorption

For a more detail test check the complete video at

Shape and colors on the fabrics: because the digital sublimation process is used, the colors never fade like it happens with screen printing. This ensures a good and quality exposure for any sponsor plus the comfort factor for the person who wears the piece. It will be a bad investment for a company to sponsor sport apparel piece which after a couple of washes, the quality is compromised. With the digital sublimation that is avoided; colors and shape stay true after years and even if hard chemicals like bleach is spilled to it no degradation occurs. The same is to say for the shape of the piece; while cotton looses it flexibility and original shape making the piece uncomfortable after some uses, polyester fabrics stay true, after washes, flexes and exposure to sun and harsh conditions.

More flexible garment and better construction: Polyester fabrics depending on its construction and the fiber blends used can flex up to 15% of its original shape. This allows for a better construction of the garment with more panels to conform to any body type. Most sports demand an aerodynamic fit, with less drag and less flapping during exercise. This means better performance for the athlete and a much better fit and exposure for the sponsors. 

Stain and Bad odor protection: Finally because of the technology and the knitting technique of polyester it prevents the fabric from getting stained. This is especially important when exercising during extreme conditions like rain, mud, or simply on the road. It also prevents bad odors from sticking to the fabric. It uses different specific materials which act like antibacterial aid, preventing the garment from getting bad smells unlike your typical cotton cap or shirts. Cotton is very likely to get stained and when wet, bacteria and bad smells trive under those conditions.

Advertising on Bike Jerseys: An efficient and effective way to promote your business!

In today’s market, smaller budgets and the lack of innovative ways to promote a business make marketing more and more frustrating. In difficult times, the worst thing to do is to cut promotion and advertising funds since your business could come to a screeching halt. So what is the most effective method to utilize limited funds in a difficult market in order to reach your target audience plus increase brand awareness? Simple -- promote business thru custom sport apparel.

No matter the size of your company, having the exposure of your product/service on a bike jersey, running or gym shirt will reach thousands of people in a direct and affordable way. “This way to advertise becomes a moving billboard,” says Carlos Ruiz, sales manager for , a web company which specializes in custom sport apparel. Almost all companies can afford the investment to personalize bike jerseys or athletic tops for their employees’ athletic events or training programs. In addition to pleasing your employees, you are creating a great opportunity for your employees to market their own company and its products. Companies that sponsor athletic activities can increase their exposure in the local community. It is useful to have bright, large logos, your website, phone number, and even email on the jerseys so people can contact you. * can produce small quantities of apparel which means that a company can get exposure to thousands of people for less than $100. Some of the statistics are interesting. On a 40 mile ride, the cyclist is exposed to approximately 30 other bikers, 200 cars, and another 200 people along the way. In this way, your company can reach over 20,000 people for each bike shirt providing it is worn 50 times in a year.. Shirts can be a fine way to start conversations , and who would be better to ask about the company than a motivated employee or a sponsored athlete. With an average investment of $50 per jersey, the cost per thousand exposures is just $2.50. Some of the businesses that can benefit greatly from this strategy include gyms, health and wellbeing stores, training studios, spas, athletic equipment stores, car shops, local restaurants and bars, and car dealers.

Sometimes just getting one inquiry or customer from one jersey, can pay for the whole investment. For Athletic apparel is a great way to create brand recognition and reward good customers. The apparel can be worn to everyday activities like going to the gym, riding a bike, or going out for a run and the company gets free exposure on all of those.

Here is what Bill Ross from Ross Chiropractic in Ventura CA has to say about his experience: “I ordered my custom bike jersey and shorts combination from and have found that this was one of the best advertisements for my business I have done yet. The color combination works incredibly well with my bicycle, and the rewards have been huge. I have new patients coming in and telling me that they saw me riding; these jerseys are moving billboards! Everywhere I go people recognize me because my name is in big letters, it breaks the ice and makes communication so much easier. Why would you want to wear a jersey promoting someone else, why not promote yourself and reap the rewards? I have and will continue to increase my business by wearing my custom jerseys from

Paul Nicholls from Bali Living Imports, a small furnishing store in Boyne City, MI, talks about his experience: “I live in a small tourist town and we get a lots of non locals that show up for our group bike rides. My custom jersey often comes up in conversations probably because the colors are perfect and my logos look great. They have even brought some of those riders in to my store at a later date. I have many bibs and jerseys to choose from when I go out on a ride and the custom ones have jumped right to the top of my rotation.”




Geoff Lew, owner of Aero Physical therapy, tells us: “ I am so proud to wear the jersey out on my bike rides and when I have a couple of riders wearing the jerseys, our company name definitely stands out on the road. I look forward to wearing them in upcoming centuries, triathlons, and training rides. Other companies usually required minimums that made it difficult for our small company to reach. The jerseys made by were designed and made for me; they were great looking, reasonable priced. From a business standpoint, having my company's name printed on jerseys and tee shirts is my way of making "Aero Physical Therapy" a household name and your first thought if you should happen to be looking for a physical therapist (especially one who bikes)! “


We are simply the best custom apparel company to work with, no other company, can make things as fast, reliable and affordable.

How we do it:
- We DO NOT charge for designs
- We DO NOT charge for initial set ups
- NO cost by the # of colors or logos
- FAST Turn Around
- NO Minimum order

Contact us at  to get a quote, FREE design and more details on how we are the best, most flexible and reliable company

Example of some of our semicustom jerseys

Full Custom Cycling Kit including Jerseys, Shorts, Gloves, Arm - Leg Warmers and Booties

Our Retail Website is found at

The importance of advance materials and a perfect fit of bike apparel for top performance

Some of Our Customer´s Feedback:

- Robert Summer from Dallas TX: The gang at are amazing! I submitted a request on a Monday to have 4 jerseys produced and shipped to me by Friday of that same week. I received a response from their Sales Manager Carlos shortly after submitting my request and he turned around a proof of the jersey design within a couple of hours and helped me figure out the best sizes to order. My jerseys arrived Friday morning – in plenty of time for a big ride that Saturday morning. I am truly amazed at how fast they turned my order around and I greatly appreciate the fantastic customer service. The jerseys are very good quality and fit great. Rob Sumner Park Place Dealerships

- Patricia Comfort from Bellevue, WA: Mark loved the jersey and it fit just right! Thanks again for the help on this one. -Patricia

- Thomas Carley from Mahopac, NY: I just wanted to thank you again the Jersey's are great everyone loved them. We wore them with pride through the streets of New York City. As a transplant survivor it was a great feeling to not only be able to ride the 45 miles through New York city but also to be able to represent a great cause like Donate life. Thank you for helping me do that. I have attached a picture of us at the bike event. Team Donate Life CT

- Norman Campion from NY: Thanks. I got the jersey and gloves and both look great.

- Nicholas Malavis from Houston, TX: Received my cycling jersey. Superb quality. VERY NICE! Completely Satisfied. Thanks for your help Carlos.

- John Sullens from Windsor, CANADA: I received the jerseys: Great job! I suspect you will be getting some further orders from my friends in the near future! Many compliments on the 'Jackhammer' jersey in last nights group ride. Will be in touch!

- Colin Elstub from Cranbourne, Australia: Just letting you know that the jerseys arrived today. They look and feel fantastic. Thanks for a job well done. I look forward to taking one for a ride on the weekend and will happily recommend your business to everyone. I am sure that the jersey will get noticed and people will be sure to ask me about it. Your jerseys are by far the best and most comfortable ones that I have have ever had.

- Dan Ott from Aliso Viejo, CA: Hey Carl hope all is good. Just wanted to let you know the Jersey is doing it's job, I am defiantly getting more inquires about the cause. I will be ordering another one in the next couple months. Also, I am doing two T.V. Interviews on Monday and of course will be sporting the Heroes Jersey.

- Coreyanne Armstrong from the UK: Hi again Carlos! Thought you might like to see how the tri-top worked out! Here is a picture attached of this past Saturday, 7 months pregnant running the All-Nations 10K at Dorney Lake in Windsor, UK (It's where the Olympic rowing is taking place this summer!) I happened to talk to a few other Americans, but I was the only one there in the Stars and Stripes! There were lots in the Union Jack of course, and a few Aussies running with their flag as a cape, and I think I saw some Danes. So I was happy to have the top. Thanks again for working with me to make it fit my big tummy!! :)

- Ben Marra from team silverton: Received them! Look great. Thanks. I am forwarding carol's to her. Will send pix from the finish in july!

- Brent Ellis from Cleveland, TN: I'm not sure if I told you after I received the jersey how pleased I am with it. It turned out to look even better in person. You guys did an outstanding job!! So goos a job in fact, that now one of the guys in the office wants one like it. I have given him your email and he said that he'll be in contact with you at the first of next week as he is out of town on business at the moment. I just wanted to let you know that he'll be getting in touch with you.

- Matt Fowler from Charlotte, NC: I received the jerseys late last week. Look great. I appreciate the help with the process. Look forward to ordering more in the future.

- Tim Giddens from Wilmington, NC: Jerseys arrived yesterday, and they look GREAT. Appreciate your help, and will pass my recommendation on to my biking friends. Thanks so very much.

- Kathy Vochoska from CA: I just received my jersey today and I LOVE it!! I can't wait to wear it on my next ride!! What a great experience working with you and your company. Thank you for such a positive experience. I will definitely spread the word about your company!

- Daniel Rojas from Orlando, FL: Carlos me acabo de llegar el uniforme quedo fenomenal de verdad que lleno todas mis expectaciones y hasta mas no tengo palabras para agradecerte ati y a tu compañia quedo igualito a la foto que te mande muchisimas gracias pronto me comunicare contigo para hacer otros uniformes gracias nuevamente no puedo esperar para ver los guantes ....

- Matt Kirk from Houston, TX: Our shirts arrived today and they really do look amazing! Thank you very much. I will be sure to send some pictures through of the team in action. Thanks again. Team Xodus

- Becky Devlin from Rochester, NY: The jerseys arrived today and we are beyond satisfied! The colors are vibrant and the logos perfect. Thank you so much! We are surely going to be needing more as our cycling team continues to grow. I’ll be sending you another order request soon! Thanks again!! Team JCC

- Mary Roach from Tiverton, RI: Just received the jerseys so I wanted to tell you what a good job you and your staff did. They look really great. We like them a lot.Thanks again for all your help. Mary

- Spiros Christoforatos from Mastic, NY: received the shirt over the weekend - it's GREAT, I absolutely love it. The color and the fit are perfect. I appreciate it. I may be ordering more items from you in the future. Thanks!

- Joanne De Sousa from South Fremantle, AUSTRALIA: Received the Jerseys and they were a well-loved present – thanks for your promptness in responding to my queries. Thanks again.

- Matt Morgan from Warsaw, POLAND: Great clothing and even better customer service...took the time to "double check" my height and weight to ensure I was ordering the right size...then they got my stuff into the mail quickly and when it arrived I was really pleased with the quality and the fit was perfect...awesome! I will be ordering again and again from them....

- Karl Kramer from Jenks, OK: Wow the jersey is great perfect fit adjustment too

- Joanne Canty from UK: I finally got my hands on the jerseys mid-February and I have to say they are FANTASTIC!!!! We are going to look the bees knees in these jerseys in November :o) Yet again you have done a wonderful job and risen superbly to the almost impossible tasks I set ;o) I'm just sick with envy that I have to wait until May for mine but as it's so cold here anyway, I wouldn't be wearing sleeveless jerseys out cycling right now.I may have a couple more orders for you for the Mexico strip, as my boyfriend is finally going to register for the ride, along with his Uncle and cousin and I think they all want a jersey each. Will be in touch if they do decide to go ahead. In the meantime, my thanks once again for being such a great team to work with - nothing is ever a problem and your high quality with value for money never ceases to amaze me - never get this level of flexibility in the UK.

- David Vaughn from Huntsville, AL: Just wanted let you know, I got the jerseys and they are awesome! I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. Thank you so much!

- Bruce from Federal Way, WA: The tiger jersey has arrived, thank you very much! Here are some pictures. I must say that I am impressed with the fit - it is close-fitting, but not tight or binding, and if I do lose some more weight, it won't hang baggily on me. I was very reluctant to go with the 4XL sizing, because I've never had anything larger than a 2XL, but you obviously know your product and how to fit it for muy grande Norteamericanos. The fit reminds me of a jersey I used to have from the Millonarios Fútbol Club, which was the largest shirt they had in the store in Bogota; I know that's probably not your team and that you may even hate the mention of their name, but I wanted a soccer jersey as a souvenir, and that was the only one that fit me. Besides, I outgrew that jersey long ago and it was given away. Thank you very much for your service, and I will recommend you when people ask me where I got the really cool tiger shirt!

- Lonnie Hicks from Honolulu, HI: I received the outfit in the mail on Thursday afternoon. It was like Christmas morning, opening of presents. The outfit is fantastic. Renee and I love it. It is very light weight, my other cycling jerseys are thicker and heavier. I broke the outfit in, by riding my HandCycle to the Still & Moving Center for my Tai Chi class, and it was wonderful. Everyone at the Center loves it. I even had 2 people ask if Renee was going to sell the outfit in the on-site boutique. I have not asked Renee about selling them, but I will the next time I see her. Renee and I want to thank you for all your hard work and patience! By getting the outfit here before my race on Monday, you went above and beyond to support us!!! Attached you will find pictures of me in the outfit on my HandCycle. I will send you pictures of the Great Aloha Run and any awards I receive. Thank you again for a superb job in supporting our needs! Follow Up comments: I did the Great Aloha Run today and finished first in the HandCycle division. The outfit was great and it moved with me and did not pinch or ride up anywhere! Thanks Again!!!!

- Ellery Althaus from North Truro, MA: Jerseys are beautiful and fit wonderfully. Thanks! I was wondering if I could get a copy of the art you guys did?Just so I can keep logo as uniform as possible with other things like business cards.

- Dan Ott from Aliso Viejo, CA: Carlos,Received my jersey today, fits great. It's perfect for my fund raising, I ride solo fully loaded cross country to raise awareness and funds for Freedom Alliance; Scholarships for Children of fallen Servce-members. See links below, I have ridden over 18,000 miles and raised over $16,000 so far. Your jersey should bring me some great visual eye catching opportunities to start up a conversation. Thanks again.

- Donna Shaw: The bike jersey is awesome!! I love it. I might have to buy some for Christmas gifts this year. Big thank you.

- Chris Werth from Albuquerque, NM: I've been meaning to let you know that the Jerseys are awesome and fit perfectly. Thanks for everything! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who needs custom jerseys.

- William Sikora from Hello Carlos,The shirt arrived today and it fit perfectly. You know what you’re doing. Thanks also for the head cover. My wife liked the jersey so much she said we’ll get one for a dear friend who will be 80 this year (and still rides). We’ll probably get him the Germany Deutschland Bike Jersey. Maybe we’ll surprise him that is if I can get the measurements from his wife without him suspecting. Regards, Bill

- Ambroise Canning from Hobart, Australia: the jersey arrived last Wednesday (it is Sunday evening our time here now), I test rode one top on Friday. Fit is good. Thanks again

- GFrank Carter from Wyomissing, PA: We got the jersey. It fits fine and the zipper works. Thanks Frank Carter

- Vanessa Graziano from Denver, CO: It looks so great! Thank you for the pictures I'm so excited to give it to him. You were awesome Carlos thank you!

- Pat Antonelli from West HAven, CT: Hi, Carlos. I wanted to let you know that the jersey arrived today, and my husband LOVED it, and the XL is the perfect size. Unfortunately, it's 27 degrees out right now, with the temps falling, so he won't be riding outside in a short-sleeved jersey for quite a while. He is wearing it right now, however, while he's on his trainer in the basement, so he's already getting it all sweaty. I'm glad that I found you and your website, as this gift was a big hit!!! Who knows, I may be back for another one, and maybe some of the people my husband rides with (which is more than one group) will want a custom jersey! Thanks, again!
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